How to find the best kitchen knives

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We looked at the best kitchen knives and found the best choice for your home

So, you are into cooking and want to get an edge on the best tools.

One place to start is to find the best kitchen knives on the market and decide which ones will suit your life best.

For us, finding a good set to knives means no having to take out a second mortgage just to afford them.

Seriously, kitchen knives are really expensive and can run you thousands of dollars.

But that simply isn’t necessary.

Look, you’re a home cook – you’re not Gordon Ramsay. You don’t need to invest thousands of dollars in knives.

What a home cook needs is a set of knives that has a variety of sizes depending on what you are cutting.

You also need knives that are dishwasher safe and won’t rust.

You also need knives that will stay sharp after a few uses. How many times have you gone to cut something, like raw meat, and you knife has already gone dull?

Best uses of kitchen knives

Knives have been around pretty much as long as humankind has been on earth. Without this invention life would have been much harder.

As with all inventions, these tools have evolved to meet our modern day requirements. arsenal

If you have watched any chef worth his salt, you will note that a variety of knives get tossed about (not literally, of course).

How to care for kitchen knives

Purchasing a quality kitchen knife is a big step toward improving your cooking game.

You also need to maintain your tools to get the most out of them. A dull, expensive knife can be harder (and more dangerous) to use than a sharp, cheap one.

If you can’t remember the last time you sharpened your kitchen knives, you’re probably not taking proper care of them.

Knives usually need to be sharpened once every two weeks. If you don’t cook that often and you rarely draw your knives from their block, you can get away with neglecting them for longer periods.

Knives that are used on a regular basis, however, wear down faster and require regular maintenance.

For a clearer indication that your utensil needs attention, try the paper test. A sharp knife should easily slice through a sheet of paper you’re holding in the air.

Knives that fail this test need to be sharpened.

A dull blade will also have harder time cutting through soft fruits like tomatoes—it may end up crushing them instead.

A well-cared-for cutting implement is good for more than precise slicing and dicing.

Though it may seem counter-intuitive, a sharper knife is a safer knife. It takes more effort to cut through a potato when you’re working with a blunt knife, and with that added exertion, dull blades are more likely to slip off the food you’re preparing.

Finding the best cooking knives

Before you google how to find the best kitchen knives, just visit this website for Imarku – which sells premium knife sets in a block for about $300 depending on how many knives you want.

That’s a fraction of what others charge and you get the same quality.

Imarku makes them at their own factory in Japan, where they control the quality. They don’t outsource the manufacturing.

“Just saying that imarku Knives are good would be an understatement,” the company says. “The knives we make are more than that. The knives we make are all high-quality German steel. This steel is precious and infused with a high amount of carbon that helps make the knife edges sharp. Not just the material, the other components that are used in the making of these knives are also of the highest quality.”

German or Japanese

There are two basic styles of kitchen knives – German and Japanese.

The answer to what to choose is the answer to how to find the best kitchen knives for your home kitchen. As opposed to a pro kitchen.

German knives are much heavier and not as suitable for home cooks. Japanese knives are much more lightweight while still remaining durable.

Imarku gives you the best of both worlds with German steel while still remaining lightweight.

Cooking a meal for your family shouldn’t leave your arms feeling like wet bags of cement after you are finished because the knives you use are so heavy.

Imarku has been making knives for 14 years and until the end of August was offering a buy one set, get a second set for free deal. This was to celebrate its anniversary.

Good kitchen knives are an absolute must-have for any home chef. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or more of a kitchen rookie,  sharp knives are essential.

Block sets eliminate the guesswork involved in buying knives one by one, but there are three knives to prioritize.

Home chefs should prioritize a chef’s knife, a serrated knife, and a paring knife… of the best quality you can afford.”

And the details matter, too.

How to pick your knives

If you’re looking for a blade that’s going to last, don’t bother with knives with those tiny teeth.

They scrape through meat and produce rather than making clean cuts. You want a blade that’s somewhat heavy so you cut through a whole chicken.

Used to their full potential, a great set of kitchen knives will transform your life in the kitchen.

A professional chef will tell you that your smartest kitchen investment will be in the best set of kitchen knives you can afford.

But affordability is the key word.

Don’t think you need to spend thousands of dollars just for knives. As long as you take care of them, Imarku is an affordable set that will get the job done without breaking the bank.

Then you can spend that savings on renovating your kitchen which, as this story tells you, adds huge value to your home. 

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