How to stop check fraud

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Ordering these checks is a way to express yourself and to know how to stop check fraud.

Have you been a victim of check fraud? Hopefully not but there is an easy way to learn how to stop check fraud before it hits you.

So many types of check fraud

Thieves have so many ways to scam you so it’s important for you to know how to stop check fraud.

In one scam, called a lottery check scam, the scam artist tells someone they have won the lottery.

They receive a check for their winnings, but they are instructed to send back some money to cover fees and taxes.

By the time they realize the check is no good, the payment they issued for their fees and taxes is gone.

Check forgery is when someone forges their name on a check.

They may take someone else’s check and forge their signature. Then, they may deposit the check in their own account or use it to buy goods or services at a business.

In other cases, thieves may forge the endorsement.

For instance, if a check is written out to Bob Smith, a thief can forge Bob Smith’s signature on the endorsement line, and then they deposit or cash the check by finding someone who is willing to accept an endorsed check.

Other times, the forger may actually pretend to be Bob Smith and cash the check at his bank.

With this type of check fraud, the thief steals personal details from someone.

Then, they open a bank account in that person’s name, and they write bad checks from the account.

By the time the bank closes the account, the fraudster is gone, the bank gets stuck with the bad checks, and the identity theft victim has to deal with the repercussions of compromised information.

How to stop check fraud

One way to defend yourself from check fraud is with highly personalized checks.

Checks Unlimited was established in 1986 as the first major direct mail check printer with the goal of offering exceptional value on high-quality checks.

With an initial 13 designs, they have expanded over the years according to market trends and the customer’s needs and desires.

“We have maintained our position as the industry leader by providing over 50 million customers with quality products and service,” says the company.

“Our dedication to our customers is unwavering as we continue to exceed expectations when it comes to your finances.”

You can also have fun with the checks.

Their curated check selection contains exclusive designs and features iconic brands such as Disney, Thomas Kinkade and Warner Brothers.

In addition to checks, they also offer a complete line of accessories to create a suite of products and keep your finances in order.

Their EZShield Check Fraud Protection Program® and Identity Restoration Pro services can be added to every check order, to provide peace of mind and security.

These checks are able to be customized

When you order checks and accessories from Checks Unlimited, you’ll be expressing your personal style while receiving secure, affordable, quality products.

Save time and money when you order online. We offer a large variety of designs at prices lower than many banks.

Whether you enjoy classic colors, iconic characters or have a favorite dog breed, you’ll find checks that reflect your taste.

Every design meets bank security standards and will be accepted by your financial institution, making it easy when reordering checks.

“Our Securiguard checks add a layer of security using a two-dimensional holographic foil that cannot be reproduced, photocopied or removed,” they company says.

Additionally, help protect your checkbook in the event of unauthorized use with an advancement up to $25,000 for qualified losses with the EZShield Check Fraud Protection Program® and help restore your identity with EZShield Pro.

Click here to learn what’s included. Don’t forget to keep an extra supply of deposit slips on hand.

Crime is rampant and so this is one way to protect yourself.



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