Metro Vancouver’s best ice cream is here

by | Aug 23, 2022 | Food

Baskin-Robbins opens Burnaby location as part of Metro Vancouver expansion

U.S. frozen dessert giant Baskin-Robbins has opened a Burnaby location offering Metro Vancouver’s best ice cream.

Baskin-Robbins had scaled back in B.C., closing down its Maple Ridge.

But now it’s expanded into such cities as Surrey and North Vancouver, as well as the new location in Metropolis at Metrotown.

The company has made its name for offering 31 flavours, but customers these days are used to even larger selections.

For example, there is a gelato place on Venables in Vancouver that has about 120 different flavours.

These include a variety of sorbets that include different fruits such as jackfruit and durian.

Baskin-Robbins has put the focus on flavours that appeal to kids, with an emphasis on being sweet.

But the Vancouver audience also likes flavours that aren’t so sweet and that have a real fruit kind of flavour so the company might want to add some of this for a local audience.

Metro Vancouver battle between gelato and ice cream

When it comes to the best frozen desserts, are you a gelato person or an ice cream person?

There is a difference.

Gelato is even considered an art form, with some makers actually going to Italy to learn the craft and become certified.

Some feel that gelato has a silkier texture because of the way it’s crafted.

Others feel that ice cream has, well, a creamier texture that they prefer.

North Burnaby is well-served with both, with several gelato and ice cream businesses on Hastings, including Glenburn Soda Fountain.

The Amazing Brentwood shopping centre will be adding the Bella Gelateria to go with its Metropolis location.

Whatever you prefer, frozen treats fans are close by a location for Metro Vancouver’s best ice cream and gelato no matter where they live.

If you aren’t really into desserts, then click here to check out a new chicken place. 


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